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6G Internet represents next generation broadband, providing multiple Gbps speeds to corporate and residential users. 6G Internet has innovated radio technology, transmitting super-fast internet through the air via our bespoke, point-to-point, fixed wireless network. An alternative to the underground copper wire system.

6G Internet’s objective is to deliver quality and reliable, super-fast internet connections to the UK. We have invested heavily to design and develop our unique Air Fibre Network.

6G Internet can now offer you super-fast internet access via our reliably robust network at a highly competitive rate. This will aid becoming reliant on networks used by other many providers.

Because 6G Internet doesn’t solely rely on a physical line for telephone communications, not only are we future-proofing the surface, but we are also enabling customers to save on line rental costs.

6G Internet's Air Fibre point-to-point broadband is delivered using technology pioneered by the military to communicate with unmanned aerial vehicles for critical missions during severe conditions. 6G internet uses a combination of these radio and fibre optic technologies to provide the internet direct to the premises.

So, by taking these high speed milliwave signals and redirecting them into a super-fast, high capacity, fibre optic fixed wireless network, we can provide super-fast internet speeds for tomorrow’s generation.

6G Internet is powered by a new and pioneering communications technology, we call Air Fibre. This is a signal transmitted through the air, using fibre optic technology, allowing you to receive your broadband connection.

A 6G Internet transceiver installed on the rooftop of your business sends your request to connect to the internet through the air to your local transmitter. The local transmitter then communicates with the 6G Internet central hub, over a dozen of which are located across the UK, which sends your request to our National Fibre Network.