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Complete office network solutions with cutting edge technology

6G Internet is proud to supply the next generation of point-to-point broadband, providing speeds of 10Mbps to 10Gbps.*

Customers can choose whichever speed and capacity they desire within our competitive and bespoke package options; they are no longer restricted by another provider's infrastructure, or how far they are from the exchange.

Since the signals are transmitted through the air, there is no question regarding the standard of materials used for the bulk of the journey, i.e. quality of copper wire. This is irrelevant with fixed wireless technology.

*Dependant upon package.

One Supplier

6G Internet provides you with a complete communications solution. All sizes of business, big or small, can benefit from our communications packages. We cater from basic internet and phone line packages, to complete office networks, all delivered with great speed and efficiency.

Easy upgrades / scalability

The installation is quick, hassle-free and flexible. Because we don't run our technology underground, maintenance and upgrades to our above-ground point-to-point network is much easier and convenient for all involved. We can easily upgrade your speed, as your 6G Internet package is completely scalable with guaranteed quality of service.

We have invested heavily in the installation of a high speed network. Therefore, waiting for your location to be connected with faster, fibre internet will not be an issue. If you are in a poor connectivity area, we could be able to provide high speed internet through our point-to-point radio network. We can also quickly connect businesses to our network, without relying on local infrastructure and underground cabling.