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Cutting edge technology

The tactical technology developed by the military has finally found its way in to practical life.

6G Air Fibre broadband is delivered wirelessly using the technology pioneered by the military to communicate with unmanned aerial vehicles for critical missions during severe conditions.

The drones or the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are controlled by and transmit the data back to the ground using the latest radio technology. 6G uses a combination of these radio and fibre optic technologies to provide the internet direct to the premises wirelessly. So, by taking these high speed milliwave signals and redirecting them into a superfast, high capacity fibre optic network we can provide the UK's fastest internet speeds.

Cutting edge technology

What is 6G Air Fibre?

6G Internet is pioneering a new communications technology: Air Fibre is a signal delivered through the air allowing you to receive your broadband connection using radio-style technologies rather than typical old underground wiring. The result is faster, more secure and direct.

A 6G transceiver installed on the rooftop of your house sends your request to connect to the internet through the air to your local transmitter, which could be on a nearby lamp post or tall building, therefore not relying on underground cables or a protracted journey over wires, to a congested local exchange.

The local transmitter then communicates with the 6G Central Hub, 15 of which are located across the UK, which sends your request to our National Fibre Network.

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